Nancy Approved Seal


This is my personal blog where I positively feature various businesses, persons, locations and products I like!

I am known to have strong, well let’s say, very specific opinions. For years there has been a running joke with my friends that if “Nancy Approves” something, it is acceptable. They even made me a “Nancy Approved” stamp!

So, I decided to take this to the next level, and share my approved findings with others. I am only focusing on positive reviews – nothing negative – because I feel we need more positive on a daily basis.

Whatever, whomever or wherever I’m posting about, has met Nancy essential A-Level criteria that is worthy of recognition, which means:

  • Exceptional customer service and/or craftsmanship
  • Quality and care in a product and/or service
  • Someone who clearly enjoys what they do and exudes that enthusiasm
  • Going above and beyond
  • People out to make a difference in our fast-paced ever changing world
  • Excellent food and/or places that I like + More!

I hope you find my posts informative, inspiring or simply, worth a chuckle.

Thank you for visiting Nancy Approved.

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