Whole Body Method is NANCY APPROVED!

Strengthening. Lengthening. Centered Body and Mind. These are just a few of the results you will experience after a Pilates class from Whole Body Method! I speak from experience – I’ve been taking group and private classes with them since 2013.

Whole Body Method is “Classic” Pilates at its very best! Daria Di Benedetto and Nigel Sampson are the power duo behind this Los Angeles business, which has been operating for 22 years. Their current studios are located in Mid-City and Koreatown.

Evening at Whole Body Method Mid-City

Whole Body Method was way ahead of the Pilates trend, and is true to Joseph Pilates’ method, “body conditioning is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility, strength, and balance for the total body. It is a series of controlled and systematic movements coupled with focused breathing patterns engaging your body, mind and spirit.”

This means Whole Body Method ain’t a rock-n-roll-overpriced Pilates studio with teachers yelling over loud music – while you struggle on a piece of equipment (aka the reformer) – that no one has informed you how to use. Sorry Not Sorry.

Whole Body Method offers classes from beginner to advance levels with well-trained professional instructors, who all happen to be very personable. I especially enjoy taking a class with Co-Founder Nigel Sampson, a true Master of Pilates. While taking you through your breathing exercises and body movements, Nigel gives you a peek at his quirky Australian sense of humor. However, he is seriously passionate when it comes to human anatomy and regularly pulls out “Harry” a model of the human spine, to exemplify proper technique and form. It is because of Nigel that I know there are 26 bones in the vertebral column (includes the sacrum and coccyx) and where my occipital bone is located, amongst a few other things!

The exceptionally Zen ambiance at Whole Body Method ensures a positive work-out experience. Multi-talented Co-Founder Daria Di Benedetto creates the awesome vibes with her extraordinary taste and eye for style. She has a panache for decorating and creating spaces with subtle nuances that make their studios stand out from the rest. Daria is an artist at heart and adorns the studios with her craft, including multiple iterations of her LOVE paintings. A personal favorite!

Interested in becoming a Pilates instructor? Whole Body Method is the place to do it! They offer Pilates Certification Programs throughout the year and limit the size of the class to provide an intimate and safe learning environment. Whole Body Method hosts special programs such as 30-Day Whole-Body Wake-Up, Healing and Meditation workshops as well as Nutritional products and forthcoming in September, Whole Body Retreat located at the beautiful Koorakai Desert Retreat near Joshua Tree.

Whole Body Method focuses on Classical Pilates with a holistic approach.  It is a balance between body, mind and soul that elevates your experience to another level.

Learn more on their website Whole Body Method and be sure to check out their special offers for new clients!

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