Southern California Pop Artist Neal Breton is NANCY APPROVED!

Neal Breton is an eccentric-bearded-pop artist whose immediate persona is a bit cantankerous, but once you are past his gruff exterior, you get to know a passionate, gentle, meticulous man who has been in a long and tumultuous relationship with his craft.

“The Servant” Pools Series

Curator, as well as artist, Neal’s unique vision, has been creating colorful eye-catching worlds – big and small – for over 20 years. His work has been exhibited in numerous California galleries as well as others across the country. Most recently, his piece “Another Evening Poolside” was one of 30 pieces in a group show at the Palm Springs Art Museum for their 30 x 30: 30 Years of Public Art in Palm Springs x 30 New Ideas.

Neal tends to become obsessed with a specific theme and then sets out to create every iteration of that theme until his head and heart are adequately satisfied. However, it isn’t too long before the next one enters and becomes his muse of the moment. 

Currently, “Pools” and “Hardline” are the headliners. Pools series epitomizes life in Southern California with its palm trees, blue skies, architecture, cacti and more. Variations can include these marvelous characters that inspire you to get yourself poolside with a beverage in hand ASAP! Hardline series is a visual extravaganza of lines, patterns, colors, textures, and dimensions. The pieces transport you to another location for a truly wondrous experience.

Paramount Pictures Commission

I’ve purchased Neal’s art throughout his career and commissioned him as well. He has always been a pleasure to work with as he listens, offers feedback and delivers on time! Two commissions in particular were for Paramount Pictures and Skydance Media. The Paramount piece was in honor of the studio’s 100th Anniversary. Neal took the multiple iconic images the studio is known for and intermingled them into one unique heartfelt piece. For Skydance, Neal interpreted the company’s “S” logo into contemporary pop art, which is a fun and stylistic memento.

Neal is a Southern California artist that is wildly talented and can create almost anything you desire. Learn more about Neal and his work at, Instagram or if you are in the San Luis Obispo area, check out the galleries. He is a local favorite!

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