Howard Brown & Sons Auto Body & Paint is NANCY APPROVED!

It was an overcast cool February day in the People’s Republic of Santa Monica. I was at my day job, sitting in front of my computer working on one of my many projects when the phone rang.

My caller ID revealed it was “Security” and I thought to myself, “Oh no. What’s wrong now?” The friendly and loyal voice on the other side said, “Nancy, I’ve got some bad news for you. There has been an accident. A visitor backed-in to your car, and there is damage.”

His words confused me. I was not expecting his call to be related to me, let alone my car. You see, my European vehicle was properly positioned in my employee parking spot on the top level of a four-story parking structure out of harm’s way. Hmmm, well, I thought so at least.

Indeed, a Hollywood agent visiting the office put the pedal to the metal and ran his $100k + Mercedes backward into my parked vehicle. I know shit happens, but when you see the video – yes, it is ALL on video – you cringe, because it really could have been avoided. After the agent tried to schmooze me that “his guy” could take care of the damage, I dismissed him and proceeded to research auto body repair shops. 

After several phone calls and much internet research, I found Howard Brown & Sons Auto Body & Paint. I spoke with Brad who told me to stop by at my convenience for an estimate; it would take 5 – 10 minutes. I was a bit wary as it seemed too easy however, I gave it a shot.

The next morning, I popped in at my convenience and as I got out of the car, Brad walked out to assist me. He immediately knew who I was based on our phone conversation from the day before.

From this point forward, my entire experience with Howard Brown & Sons was PERFECT! 

Brad was very clear on the process, duration and cost throughout my entire experience.

After the on-site review, I had the written estimate with the note if there was interior damage, they would work it out with the insurance company. Indeed, there was some and that is exactly what they did!

My Perfect New Bumper 4 Months Later

When it was time to repair the damage, the shop made sure they had all the parts in place so there was no needless delays or inconvenience without my vehicle. They completed the job ahead of schedule and the work was flawless. My bumper looked brand new (and still does). Dents gone, paint job even, and a perfect color match to the rest of the body. I was as happier than a seagull with a French Fry.

In addition to the bumper, I had Howard Brown & Sons replace my front windshield as it was cracked from flying rocks. The price was reasonable and the glass they used was a better quality than the original. 

The cherry on top of all of the exceptional work is they took the time to detail my vehicle – inside and out – before returning it to me…Above and Beyond!

My experience isn’t a one-off. I have recommended Howard Brown & Sons to two friends and they both have had the same positive experience. 

The need for auto body work is stressful as there are many sharks out there that will take advantage of you. You do not need to worry about that with Howard Brown & Sons. 

Howard Brown & Sons is a family of good trustworthy people who care, and consistently do their job very well. This is exactly why Howard Brown & Sons Auto Body & Paint is NANCY APPROVED!

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