Typically, when I travel, I take my favorite memory foam pillow with me – it is king size and weighs around 100 pounds, not really, but really… 

Since it was agreed to pack sensibly for our August road trip, an alternative pillow solution was required – enter, the MALOUF Z Travel Size Memory Foam Pillow!

When you search for memory foam travel pillows on Amazon, you will quickly see that MALOUF Z has an abundance of options to select from. 

After much research and reading of reviews, I purchased two styles to try out:

Travel Dough Memory Foam (traditional memory foam style pillow) and Travel Dough Memory Foam + Z Gel (memory foam with “Cooling Z Gel” for a cooler sleeping surface). 

The travel size for both is 12” x 16” x 4”, which is a tad smaller than what I am used to (smiling), but both styles provide a comfortable night’s sleep with no stiff neck in the morning!

The washable cover on the pillows is soft enough to use as is, or you can use a pillowcase.

The pillows come in their own protective case for easy carrying or pack it away in your travel bag.

Price is reasonable and if you are a traveler, it is worth trying out!

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