Dr. Schulze’s American Botanical Pharmacy is NANCY APPROVED!

Nutrition.  Eliminate.  Immune.  Detox.  Specifics. 

Dr. Schulze’s offers a wide variety of herbal products that I personally feel are phenomenal!

Over 20 years ago, I started looking for alternatives to western medicine as it no longer felt right for me.  A friend introduced me to the herbal products from Dr. Schulze’s and they have been a regular part of my life ever since. The line of products has grown over the years, and I’ve used all of them at some point, but today, I am going to focus on a few of my favorites.

First, ladies – attention please!  Female Shot and Fem+ are must haves to keep those hormones in check.  These two products are absolute miracle workers for PMS, Menopause or whenever those hormones decide to flare up.  These products help put everything in perspective – they calm your mind, balance your body while also helping with bloating and/or cramping.  The package says, “Celebrate Bring A Woman” and you can. 

Thinking about a detox?  Three amazing formulas that will keep you healthy, energized and younger:  Detox Formula, L-GB (Liver/Gallbladder) Formula and K-B (Kidney/Bladder) Formula.

I describe the Detox Formula as “scrubbing bubbles” for my blood.  I take it after being in a toxic environment, travel or simply to maintain my health.  It improves my overall sense of well-being, my skin looks healthier, my eyes are brighter, and I have improved energy.

L-GB (Liver/Gallbladder) Formula is the perfect recovery tool to assist your liver and gallbladder after a weekend of heavy drinking or any time after you have had alcohol.  It can and should also be used regularly to keep these organs healthy and functioning properly.  Did you know the liver is connected to your eyes?  I immediately notice improved vision after I have taken L-GB!

K-B (Kidney/Bladder) Formula is great if you are prone to bladder infections.  It improves overall urinary health, by acting as a natural diuretic. It helps maintain healthy kidney and healthy urine flow.

Finally, Air Detox!  Air Detox is 100% essential oils and is mighty powerful.  In all the offices I’ve worked in, I have placed Air Detox in the restrooms and thrown out the “other toxic air-fresheners”.  While it’s potent and fresh scent covers up bathroom odors, it also destroys airborne invaders.  It is a perfect tool to have around when others in the office or home start to get sick. 

There is so much more to see and learn about Dr. Schulze’s products.  If you live in the Los Angeles area, his shop is located on Glencoe in Marina Del Rey so it is easy to stop by, or check out his website at herbdoc.com

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