The World Famous Body Electric Tattoo is NANCY APPROVED!

Body Electric Tattoo

I spent around two + years debating if I wanted to add more piercings to my ears and a week ago, I finally decided to do so.

I performed a lot of research as I wanted a place that had the right vibe with professionals that know and enjoy what they do.

I found all of this and more at Body Electric.  It was my desire to have Owner and Celebrity Piercer Brian Keith Thompson perform the job, and lucked out as he had an opening the same day I called to inquire about his prices and availability.

When I arrived at the studio, I knew I made the right decision.  The friendly voice who booked my appointment was expecting me and greeted me with a beautiful warm smile.

As I filled out the necessary paperwork, I observed the studio was well-maintained by someone who cares and desires to take the tattoo and piercing industry to the next level.

I met Brian and explained what I was looking for and a bit about myself, so we were in sync with the overall look.  He provided earring options and we headed back to his private area for the three piercings.  As we chatted about various topics over Sade, Brian effortlessly performed the piercings and before I knew it, we were done.

I immediately liked Brian as he is a really cool dude, and he has definitely raised the bar in the tattoo and piercing industry.  His studio is clean, customer service is priority, and there are talented artist doing what they enjoy.

If you are thinking about a piercing or a tattoo, you need to check out Body Electric Tattoo – it is world famous as well as Nancy Approved for a reason!

Nancy Approved with recent piercings

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