Best Professional Holiday Cards for Cheap

I spent the better part of my day trying to design holiday cards and realizing I was geared up to spend way more than I could afford. There are a lot of wonderful sites that produce premium cards. Frankly, I can’t afford that this year. 

What I should have done was look up the cheapest way to print and send holiday cards. If I had, I would have found Snap Happy Mom sooner.

In this post from 2020, Snap Happy Mom gives you three viable options that work even for those of us who are running late with our holiday tidings. Although the post is two years old, it’s timely and helpful. I made one adjustment to her suggestion to use a Groupon at Staples.

I went straight to Staples Custom Holiday Cards page on their website to find and print my family holiday cards.

Staples Custom Holiday Cards process

 Here’s why:

  • The cards are ready within 24 hours if ordered before 2 PM.  
  • No delivery charges. I can pick them up in the store. 
  • Staples had lots of cute design options.
  • You can pick your own paper – photo paper or spend more for foils and cardstock.
  • It was only a fraction of what I was getting ready to pay!
  • Staples had a 40% off coupon on their Coupons page. (I used In-Store/Online/Phone Coupon Code: 57093 Expires 12/17/22.)


Why spend more than you must to send a holiday card? It’s going to end up in the recycling. There’s no need to overdo it. If you really want to make it easy, send an email or post a greeting on your social media. That option just didn’t feel right for me and those on my list. For older relatives especially, a card is a gift in itself.

Check out Snap Happy Mom. She has more photography tips and tutorials that are easy to follow and helpful.


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