Best Sheet Pan Pizza Recipe

Sheet pan pizza is a thing of beauty. I first started making them during lockdown. I mean… pizza was needed.

Since then, I’ve developed a full blown crush on what is fondly referred to by us sheet pan pizza connoisseurs as “grandma-style” pizza. That being said, I’m sure neither my grandmother nor my great-grandmother ever made a pizza, much less a sheet pan pizza.

I’ve tried so many sheet pan pizza recipes that at one point I was concerned I had an addiction. I kept trying to reach dough perfection. Some doughs were too bready. Some were too… crunchy.

I wanted a dough that hit somewhere in the middle. Not too billowy and soft, but not too hard either. I even used 00 flour… which was a disaster. Don’t do this unless you are well-versed at handling dough. 00 flour is not for novices. Using 00 flour is chef goals

My family has been my test audience and this is one by Sweetphi is by far their favorite. If nothing else, try Sweetphi’s pizza sauce recipe. It’s “fire”… so to speak. Quick. Easy. Tasty. The trifecta of home cooking.

What makes this Sweetphi sheet pan pizza recipe a winner?

  • This pizza can be made on the same day. No make the day before stuff here. 
  • It’s a simple dough recipe. Easy for non-baking types. No need to overthink it.
  • The sauce is to die for which surprised me. It compliments your toppings without overwhelming them. I like a healthy dose of sauce on my pizza. Nothing is more disappointing than a dry pizza. This sauce really pulls the pizza together. 
  • No pizza stone or specific kitchen utensils are needed.

My favorite topping combination is pepperoni, Italian sausage, red onion, and jalapeno. And my stomach is growling just thinking about it. Feel free to try your own fave with this recipe. I’ve made this pizza in many forms – from simple cheese to veggie to classic pepperoni. 

There are a lot of average sheet pan pizza recipes on the internet, but this one by Sweetphi is foolproof. It scores high marks for ease and taste. Sweetphi Sheet Pan Pizza is Nancy Approved.

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