Get to Sleep with Blublockers

I like to sleep. And people in my house like it when I get it. But life has a way of creeping in and disrupting my sleep vibe. It’s not easy to wind down in the modern world. 

I’ve tried everything to help me sleep better… from tart cherry supplements to melatonin to magnesium. These help, but by far the best aid is not an ingestible one. It’s my beloved Blublocker amber-colored glasses.

Blublockers with their storage sleeve

First, let me set the stage a bit here. My hubby cannot go to sleep without the tv on. And I cannot go to sleep with it on… well, at least I couldn’t. Ah, the joys of marriage.

But I can go to sleep with the tv on wearing my Blublockers. These blue-light blocking glasses may have saved not only my marriage, but my husband’s life.

Every night I put these on for about an hour or so before I want to go to sleep. And, like clockwork, I can fall asleep even with the tv on. (Now, there are “rules” that go with what’s on the tv, but that’s another thing. Let’s just say anything narrated by David Attenborough is best.)

Why the official Blublocker brand?

  • Developed by NASA, Blublockers were the first. I’ve tried other blue-light blocking glasses, but they weren’t as comfortable, lightweight, nor did they help me fall asleep as quickly as these all-American Blublockers.
  • Blublockers fit well. They have a soft nose-rest. If you fall asleep with them on, which I do almost every night, you won’t wake up with a face ache. They are light and easy-wearing.
  • Blublockers are durable. I’ve had mine for years. Yes… many years… with no scratching or other issues. When I need to clean them, I simply wipe them off with a microfiber cloth.
  • While they are great at home, they are essential to sleeping while traveling. A few years ago I made the awful mistake of leaving my Blublockers at a hotel and was forced to understand how much I rely on these things. I ordered a new pair after one night without them. 

I keep these Blublockers on my bedside table in their sleeve for added protection. I have the Eagle, which I purchased from Amazon in a sleep-deprived fit after one night without them. However, you can find many style options on the Blublocker website.

Blublockers live on my bedside table


I truly just love these things and find them essential.

These ultimate blue-light blocking glasses are an all-around excellent product. They perform like a charm. Blublockers are resoundingly Nancy Approved.

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