The Tillamook Creamery is NANCY APPROVED!

It was my second visit to Portland within six months and this time, I made it a point to visit the Tillamook Creamery, which is located in the coastal town of Tillamook Oregon.

The creamery is about a two-hour drive from Portland. It draws thousands of dairy loving visitors year round who get to learn about the rich history and values of the company, the various products that are made as well as get a sample or two of cheese!

Renovated in 2018 to accommodate the uptick of visitors, the Creamery offers lots of Tillamook memorabilia as well as dining areas where you can enjoy a tasty Tillamook grilled-cheese sandwich and Tillamook ice cream.

The self-guided tour is free and family friendly, so next time you are in the area, be sure to add this to your list. It is worth the experience, and exactly why, Tillamook Creamery is Nancy Approved!


The Ayurvedic herb, Musta is NANCY APPROVED!
This amazing herb promotes healthy digestion, supports the liver and, supports regular menstruation. The latter being a huge bonus!
Musta is considered one of the best Ayurvedic herbs for promoting a healthy menstruation as it regulates both Pitta and Vata in the lower abdomen.  It soothes the mind and balances the emotions during PMS as well as reduces the accompanying physical symptoms of your monthly cycle.
For those of you with digestive issues, Musta also benefits the GI tract by strengthening digestion and supporting liver function.  Oh and this amazing herb also helps with the  metabolism of fat and supports healthy skin by eliminating toxins.
It comes in a powder that you can mix in water/juice or your protein shake.  It does have an earthy taste, but don’t let that deter you as the benefits are life changing!


The World Famous Body Electric Tattoo is NANCY APPROVED!

Body Electric Tattoo

I spent around two + years debating if I wanted to add more piercings to my ears and a week ago, I finally decided to do so.

I performed a lot of research as I wanted a place that had the right vibe with professionals that know and enjoy what they do.

I found all of this and more at Body Electric.  It was my desire to have Owner and Celebrity Piercer Brian Keith Thompson perform the job, and lucked out as he had an opening the same day I called to inquire about his prices and availability.

When I arrived at the studio, I knew I made the right decision.  The friendly voice who booked my appointment was expecting me and greeted me with a beautiful warm smile.

As I filled out the necessary paperwork, I observed the studio was well-maintained by someone who cares and desires to take the tattoo and piercing industry to the next level.

I met Brian and explained what I was looking for and a bit about myself, so we were in sync with the overall look.  He provided earring options and we headed back to his private area for the three piercings.  As we chatted about various topics over Sade, Brian effortlessly performed the piercings and before I knew it, we were done.

I immediately liked Brian as he is a really cool dude, and he has definitely raised the bar in the tattoo and piercing industry.  His studio is clean, customer service is priority, and there are talented artist doing what they enjoy.

If you are thinking about a piercing or a tattoo, you need to check out Body Electric Tattoo – it is world famous as well as Nancy Approved for a reason!

Nancy Approved with recent piercings

Dr. Schulze’s – American Botanical Pharmacy

Dr. Schulze’s American Botanical Pharmacy is NANCY APPROVED!

Nutrition.  Eliminate.  Immune.  Detox.  Specifics. 

Dr. Schulze’s offers a wide variety of herbal products that I personally feel are phenomenal!

Over 20 years ago, I started looking for alternatives to western medicine as it no longer felt right for me.  A friend introduced me to the herbal products from Dr. Schulze’s and they have been a regular part of my life ever since. The line of products has grown over the years, and I’ve used all of them at some point, but today, I am going to focus on a few of my favorites.

First, ladies – attention please!  Female Shot and Fem+ are must haves to keep those hormones in check.  These two products are absolute miracle workers for PMS, Menopause or whenever those hormones decide to flare up.  These products help put everything in perspective – they calm your mind, balance your body while also helping with bloating and/or cramping.  The package says, “Celebrate Bring A Woman” and you can. 

Thinking about a detox?  Three amazing formulas that will keep you healthy, energized and younger:  Detox Formula, L-GB (Liver/Gallbladder) Formula and K-B (Kidney/Bladder) Formula.

I describe the Detox Formula as “scrubbing bubbles” for my blood.  I take it after being in a toxic environment, travel or simply to maintain my health.  It improves my overall sense of well-being, my skin looks healthier, my eyes are brighter, and I have improved energy.

L-GB (Liver/Gallbladder) Formula is the perfect recovery tool to assist your liver and gallbladder after a weekend of heavy drinking or any time after you have had alcohol.  It can and should also be used regularly to keep these organs healthy and functioning properly.  Did you know the liver is connected to your eyes?  I immediately notice improved vision after I have taken L-GB!

K-B (Kidney/Bladder) Formula is great if you are prone to bladder infections.  It improves overall urinary health, by acting as a natural diuretic. It helps maintain healthy kidney and healthy urine flow.

Finally, Air Detox!  Air Detox is 100% essential oils and is mighty powerful.  In all the offices I’ve worked in, I have placed Air Detox in the restrooms and thrown out the “other toxic air-fresheners”.  While it’s potent and fresh scent covers up bathroom odors, it also destroys airborne invaders.  It is a perfect tool to have around when others in the office or home start to get sick. 

There is so much more to see and learn about Dr. Schulze’s products.  If you live in the Los Angeles area, his shop is located on Glencoe in Marina Del Rey so it is easy to stop by, or check out his website at herbdoc.com


Health-Ade Kombucha is NANCY APPROVED!

If you know me, then you know, I am a huge fan of kombucha.  Matter of fact, you could say I am a connoisseur of the bubbly probiotic tea.  When I travel, I make it a point to go search for a locally made brew to see how it stacks up with what I’ve experienced thus far.  And, while there have been some nice ones out there, the fact is, nothing so far has best Health-Ade Kombucha.

When I was introduced to Health-Ade, it was instant happiness.  The flavor, quality and vibe were exceptional.  It was evident to me that the people making this product cared and were going above and beyond.  This was back in 2013 and for the last six years, Health-Ade remains at the top of the kombucha game.  They continue to make their product in small batches, in glass containers with proper fermenting time, and with the highest quality of organic non-GMO produce. 

Kombucha is made up of four basic ingredients: black or green tea, sugar, filtered water and SCOBY (the starter culture).  Over the years, Health-Ade has taken this basic recipe and created a wide-variety of delicious flavors ranging from Original to Pink Lady Apple to Cayenne Cleanse to Bubbly Rose.  They have something for everyone and are regularly introducing new flavors to the market.

All kombuchas are not created equal and Health-Ade has proven this over time.  Their product is an excellent beverage alternative that benefits your health.  If you have yet to try kombucha, now is the time, and Health-Ade is your go to!

The Los Angeles Athletic Club

The Los Angeles Athletic Club is NANCY APPROVED!

The Los Angeles Athletic Club (LAAC) has existed in downtown Los Angeles for more than 125 years.  I bet you didn’t know that!  It has a noteworthy history with members who made their mark on Los Angeles, such as:  Lankershim, Doheny, Chandler, Dockweiler, O’Melveny and Slauson.

Established in 1880 as an American style club for the “best young men” of the community, The Los Angeles Athletic Club quickly became a forerunner for fitness training as well as understanding the importance of proper diet and overall well-being. This resulted in the club becoming a significant destination for Olympic bound athletes to train as well as other serious athletes. During the Golden Age of Hollywood, LAAC attracted hot talent like Rudolph Valentino, Harold Lloyd, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.  (With the exception of Lloyd, the rest were under contract with Famous Players, the foundation of what would eventually become Paramount Pictures!)

LAAC grew with the times and eventually settled in its current location on 7th Street and Olive in 1912.  It was the first building in Southern California to have a pool built on an upper floor, which still exists today.  In addition to the pool, the club has as a basketball court, track, handball and racquet ball courts, Pilates, yoga, aerobic and weight rooms.  The 12-story building also includes a spa, barbershop and salon, banquet rooms, lounges, a speakeasy, and…hotel rooms – of which are famed for Charlie Chaplin living in for 3 years. 

Renovations keep the club updated with the times, and if you make a visit, you will see that they are still a work in progress.  I was especially impressed with the Blue Room, an exclusive members-only speakeasy that was renovated in 2015 by Timothy Oulton.  The original Blue Room, known for being where the influential Uplifter Club formed in 1913 and included the likes of Walt Disney and Clark Gable, is accessed by a hidden staircase. As you walk up the steps, you get a sense of what it was like during the days of prohibition to enter the secret passage via the hidden door disguised as a bookcase! It was all quite remarkable.

The Los Angeles Athletic Club is a significant part of the city’s history and one that should be explored.  There is much more to learn and so much more to experience, so be sure to check it out!

MALOUF Z Travel Pillow


Typically, when I travel, I take my favorite memory foam pillow with me – it is king size and weighs around 100 pounds, not really, but really… 

Since it was agreed to pack sensibly for our August road trip, an alternative pillow solution was required – enter, the MALOUF Z Travel Size Memory Foam Pillow!

When you search for memory foam travel pillows on Amazon, you will quickly see that MALOUF Z has an abundance of options to select from. 

After much research and reading of reviews, I purchased two styles to try out:

Travel Dough Memory Foam (traditional memory foam style pillow) and Travel Dough Memory Foam + Z Gel (memory foam with “Cooling Z Gel” for a cooler sleeping surface). 

The travel size for both is 12” x 16” x 4”, which is a tad smaller than what I am used to (smiling), but both styles provide a comfortable night’s sleep with no stiff neck in the morning!

The washable cover on the pillows is soft enough to use as is, or you can use a pillowcase.

The pillows come in their own protective case for easy carrying or pack it away in your travel bag.

Price is reasonable and if you are a traveler, it is worth trying out!

Road Trip – The Beginning

AAA Membership & America The Beautiful Annual Pass are NANCY APPROVED!

My husband and I took a road-trip of the Pacific Northwest in August.  During a three-week period, we traveled over 5,000 miles starting from our home in Los Angeles to Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada and back.  We made multiple stops in-between seeing such beautiful areas as Mount Hood and Trillium Lake, Mount Rainier, Glacier National Park and more!

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be featuring some of the awesome road-trip highlights that achieved NANCY APPROVED status.

However, before we hit the road, there are two NANCY APPROVED items that are must-haves to ensure an excellent trip, they are: AAA (American Automobile Association) Membership and America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreations Land Pass.

I am a 16-year member of the Automobile Club of Southern California.  In addition to Roadside Assistance your membership provides access to thousands of discounts, travel planning services and more.  When I prepped for our road-trip, I geeked out (a bit) when I went to my local AAA club to obtain road maps.  You see, I really like maps and I really like using my internal-human navigational skills – just like I used to before the AI days of Waze and Google Maps.  More importantly, the maps are handy to have available because you may not have cell service when you travel to remote areas.

Furthermore, you never know when you will need that Roadside Assistance. While in Montana, the keys to our truck were accidentally locked inside of it – 20 miles from cell phone service or civilization.  After a kind Montana local gave me a lift into town, I contacted AAA and 45 minutes later, their representative Vince picked me up and took me back to the truck to unlock it.  Dependable, friendly and efficient service!

National Park Services sells the America the Beautiful Annual Pass for $80 which provides you access to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites.  The pass covers entrance fees, standard amenity fees and day use fees for driver and passengers (up to four adults).  100% of the proceeds are used to improve and enhance visitor recreation services at the various locations.  The pass quickly pays for itself and sometimes affords you the privilege of skipping long lines to enter a park.  Discounts apply for Military, Seniors and 4th Graders.

Also, if you think you will only use the pass only on your road-trip, think again.  It is perfect for those California weekend trips to Joshua Tree, San Francisco, Yosemite and so much more!

To learn more about AAA services and benefits as well as acquiring a National Park Services pass, follow these links:  AAA membership and America the Beautiful Annual Pass


Cuisinart Ice Cream Make Model ICE-21

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker is NANCY APPROVED!

I scream. You scream. We all scream for ICE CREAM!

I love ice cream and advancements in DIY ice cream making has become so easy thanks to the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker.

I purchased my Cuisinart machine over 10 years ago, and it has been a worthwhile addition to my various kitchen tools. It is incredibly easy to use, reasonably priced and has been a loyal companion in producing delicious ice cream. Of course, I am the one creating all the delectable flavors, but it does spin-spin-spin in circles to deliver the final results, which I cannot do.

Here is how easy it is:

Freezer Bowl has been in your freezer for 24 hours or more

Select your favorite ingredients

Mix and chill your ingredients as appropriate (The time to chill is optional, but I recommend it)

Place the chilled mixer in the freezer bowl with paddle

Add cover and turn the machine on

After 20 minutes or so you should have yummy ice cream

Variables include how cold your freezer bowl is, the temperature in your kitchen and desired texture

You can create soft serve or firm ice cream as well as frozen yogurt and sorbet. The machine comes with multiple recipes to help you get started, which I found very useful in the early days.

As you see, I use the Cuisinart Model ICE-21, but they have lots of other fancy models with various perks. It all depends on how much you want to spend and your needs, but again, for the price and ease of use, the Cuisinart ICE-21 has been consistently terrific, and this is why it is NANCY APPROVED!